Institutional Research

Student Right To Know

Student-Right-to-Know Retention Rate: 82%.  The student-right-to-know retention rate is the proportion of students who returned to Linfield to enroll in a 2nd fall semester out of all those who entered Linfield as first years (freshmen) in the previous fall (2014 to 2017 combined).

Student-Right-to-Know Graduation Rate: 69%.  The student-right-to-know graduation rate is the proportion of students who completed their bachelor's degree within 6 years out of all those who entered Linfield as first years (freshmen) between 2009 and 2012, after allowing for certain small number of exclusions (students who left to join the military or go on church mission, for example).

For disaggregation by gender, major race and ethnic subgroups, recipients of Pell Grants, recipients of a subsidized loans who did not receive Pell Grants, and students who received neither a Pell Grant nor a subsidized Stafford Loan, please contact the Director of Institutional Research, 503-883-2509 or email Institutional Research.