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Religious Studies
Chan Hall in Taiwan
A Chan Meditation Hall in Taiwan

The academic study of religion at Linfield College embodies the core values of a comprehensive, liberal arts education. It does not espouse any particular religious perspective, but rather seeks to understand religion in its manifold dimensions. Since our field of inquiry touches upon many different aspects of human existence, we necessarily combine many different methods of analysis, drawn from numerous academic disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, including history, language, art, literature, philosophy, anthropology, psychology, and cultural studies. What sets our field apart is our sustained focus on religion as an historical and cultural phenomenon, or complex of phenomena, worthy of specific analysis. Our courses serve as a platform for students to think carefully and critically about religion, and then go beyond the classroom to test what they have learned through firsthand experiences of cultural and religious diversity, both locally and around the world. In this way, students can learn to reflect in both critical and constructive ways upon their own ideas, beliefs and practices in a rigorous, supportive and respectful environment.