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Office of the Registrar

Transfer Credit

What will transfer?

All credits completed at regionally accredited colleges and universities are evaluated on a course-by-course basis. Transfer coursework must be graded C (2.0) or higher (no credit is granted courses for which a grade of C- or lower was earned). Demonstration of a C or better is required for transferability of Pass/Fail courses. Linfield uses the semester calendar system. Courses taken at institutions on the quarter calendar system will transfer as 2/3 of the transcripted credit. See semester vs. quarter credits for more information. 

Coursework from four-year colleges and universities:

Generally, full credit is awarded for coursework comparable to courses listed in the Linfield College Course Catalog that is completed at regionally accredited four-year colleges and universities.

Coursework from two-year colleges:

Up to 72 semester credits (108 quarter credits) of coursework completed at regionally accredited two-year colleges can be transferred. These courses must be college level, academic in nature, and comparable to courses in the Linfield College Course Catalog. Professional and technical courses might not transfer.

I have earned an associate degree

Students who earn an associate degree designed for transfer (e.g. the AAOT (Oregon Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer), AA-DTA or AS-DTA (Washington Direct Transfer Agreement), or IGETC (California Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum)) prior to matriculation will have completed many of the Linfield Curriculum (LC) requirements. A full transcript evaluation will be completed for applicants for degree planning and enrollment purposes.

If you have earned a transferable associate degree you may be required to take additional courses upon entering Linfield to satisfy Linfield Curriculum (LC) requirements. You will take, at most, two Linfield Curriculum courses from two of four categories: Ultimate Questions (UQ), Vital Past (VP), Global Pluralisms (GP), and U.S. Pluralisms (US). You will also be required to complete the upper-division course requirement from any of the six Modes of Inquiry and take the Writing-Intensive Course(s) in your major (MWI). All students must also meet the requirements for a bachelor's degree.

See the transfer grid for your school(s) to see how courses you have completed or plan to take will meet Linfield Curriculum (LC) requirements.

I have earned a bachelor's degree

Students who possess a baccalaureate degree (earned at Linfield or another regionally accredited institution) may earn a second degree from Linfield by earning at least 30 additional credits in residence, including 15 credits in a second major in a field of study different from the first degree. You must meet all course, credit, and GPA requirements for the major as listed in the Linfield College Course Catalog.