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Linfield College
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Office of the Registrar

Before You Can Begin Registration

  1. Login to WebAdvisor and click on "Emergency Notification Info"; Verify or correct the existing information and verify that your LESA is done. You will not be allowed to register until you have completed this process.
  2. Your student account balance must be paid.
  3. Clear any holds that may be on your record. These include:
    • Confirming your emergency information.
    • Needing final high school transcript sent to the Registrar’s Office.
    • Declaring major if 45 cumulative credits or more (see Academic Advising Office).
    • Submitting approved Higher Than Normal Credit Load petition, if required (see number 6 below).
    • Declaring privacy preferences by logging into WebAdvisor and submitting the “Disclosure of Directory Information.”
  4. Academic Advising:
    • To change major, minor or degree type, go to Academic Advising, Melrose 010. Any change should be processed before registration. (If you have already submitted your "Application for Graduation", come to the Registrar’s Office to make degree, major or minor changes, instead of Academic Advising).
  5. Schedule a meeting with your Academic Advisor.
    • Set up your “preferred sections” as soon as possible--see Online Preregistration Instructions below.
    • Print your program evaluation, transcript & preferred sections list from WebAdvisor.
    • Make an appointment to meet with your advisor.
    • Meet with your academic advisor to plan course schedule. Select alternative courses in case your first choices are full & add these to your preferred section list.
    • Your advisor will clear you for online registration.
    • Advisor on sabbatical? See your replacement advisor or Academic Advising (Melrose 010).
    • CHECK to make sure your advisor has approved you for registration by going to “Approved for Registration?” on WebAdvisor.
  6. Registering for 17 or 18 Credits and your GPA is less than 3.5:
    • Complete a Higher Than Normal Credit Load Petition (also available in the Registrar's Office) and get your Academic Advisor's signature.
    • Bring signed petition to the Registrar's Office with your signed add/drop slip after your registration time.
  7. Registering for more than 18 credits:
    • Complete a More Than 18 Credit Petition (also available in Registrar), and get necessary signatures.
    • Bring signed petition to the Registrar's Office with your signed add/drop slip after your registration time.

Online Preregistration Instructions (to set up preferred sections):

Before assigned registration time:

  • Select alternative courses in case first choices are full.
  • Log in to WebAdvisor, select Student Menu, then Register for Sections, then Search & Register, to set up preferred sections.
  • Enter search information using the drop-down menu. You do not have to complete every section of the “Search/Register for Sections” form. At a minimum you must enter the term and at least one other item to narrow your search. When you are finished, click
    “Submit” at the bottom of the page.
  • Scan the list for the course section name that you want, carefully noting the meeting information and availability. Check the box next to the course you want.
  • Click SUBMIT to save your course selections to your preferred section list.
  • Confirm your registration time. Register during or after your assigned time (See online registration instructions).