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Subject: MATH

Catalog Number: 299

Registration Number: 8844


Spring 2018

Special Topics: Introduction to Cryptology - An introduction to cryptology, the science of making and breaking codes and ciphers. Encryption, decryption, and cryptanalysis of many classical and modern ciphers, including monoalphabetic substitution ciphers, transposition ciphers, the Vigenere cipher, the Hill Cipher, the Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange, and RSA. Development of mathematical skills necessary for this work, including ideas from probability, statistics, linear algebra, and number theory. Analysis of how cryptology has played a role in public policies and ethical debates. Prerequisites: MATH 170: Calculus I. Offered 2018SP. 4 credits.

Instructor: Christian Millichap
Is consent of Instructor Required? No

Course Type: LEC
Location: TAYH 201
Time: 2:55PM- 3:45PM  MTWF