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Subject: GLSP

Catalog Number: 302

Registration Number: 8521

Continuation of 301 with emphasis on more advanced grammar, vocabulary building, sentence connection, more informal and formal writing. Discussion of a broad range of political, social, cultural and personal topics based on reading material. Preparation of formal oral presentation. Reading and discussion of short novel. Recommended for students returning from Semester Abroad Program. In Spanish. $20 fee. ACTFL target: Advanced. Prerequisite: a grade of C or better in 301, equivalent course abroad, or placement test. 4 credits. (MWI)

Comments: $20 fee.

Instructor: Tania Carrasquillo Hernandez
Is consent of Instructor Required? No

Course Type: LEC
Location: WALH 302
Time: 1:05PM- 2:45PM  TTh