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Cinema and the Classics: Romans (and Greeks) Are Us

Subject: INQS

Catalog Number: 125

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Of all of our epochs in human history, none (with the exception of 19th-20th century American history) has captured the imagination of cinema and television as much as the Roman world between 100 BC and AD 200. Yet the popularity and influence of the classical world in cinema is far more than the popularity of spectacle and costume, of gods and Roman armies on the march. The ancient world - in particular Rome and occasionally Greece - is, more often than not, used either to explore issues of contemporary political concern in American society (such as the civil rights movement), to reflect of cultural trends (such as the sexual revolution), or even used to construct our own identity (as is the case with Homer's influence on the classic western gunslinger movies). This course will give students a chance to examine how contemporary concerns in western, especially US society, are often closely related to interest in the Classical, particularly the Roman world, and how Classical history, myth, and epic, in turn have shaped and influenced cinema. 4 credits.

Instructor: Steven Rutledge
Is consent of Instructor Required? No

Course Type: LEC
Location: DAYH 102
Time: 1:05PM- 2:45PM  TTh