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Journeys Beyond Borders: Ideas of Narrative and Identity in Latinx Poetry

Subject: INQS

Catalog Number: 125

Registration Number: 8080

This course offers an opportunity to read, discuss, and write about a sampling of contemporary American poetry by Latinx poets while at the same considering the work through the lens of the journey. Along with readings, clips of performances and interviews, and discussions about the poets' journeys both on and off the page, students will consider, reflect upon, and engage with the narratives they feel are part of their own personal journeys: What stories do we live by? How are those stories handled and shared? How do we revisit, add, question, and explore those stories? This course will question, explore, and study first-hand the work writing does in the world, including how it helps constitute our sense(s) of self, knowledge, and community.

Instructor: Jose Araguz
Is consent of Instructor Required? No

Course Type: LEC
Location: TAYH 105
Time: 9:00AM- 10:40AM  MW