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Subject: COMP

Catalog Number: 431

Registration Number: 8059

Advanced concepts and applications of network communication and security. Topics include: client-server communications, web services and applications, network systems discovery, advanced access control, trade-off between network usability and security, configuration and hardening recommendations and strategies, monitoring, intrusion detection, countermeasures, and incident response. Emphasis on developing, deploying, and maintaining a secure network communication infrastructure. Lecture and mandatory one hour lab session per week. Optional weekend field trip event over spring break. $30 lab fee. Prerequisite: 430 or consent of instructor. Offered spring. 3 credits.

Comments: $30 fee.

Instructor: Daniel Ford
Is consent of Instructor Required? No

Course Type: LEC
Location: RENH 211
Time: 11:00AM- 11:50AM  MWF