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Subject: GLCH

Catalog Number: 298

Registration Number: 7831



CAPITAL IDEAS: MATHEMATICS AND CULTURE IN DYNASTIC CHINA AND JAPAN - Examination of development of mathematical innovations in three former East Asian capitals and contemporaneous cultural achievements that provide a context for those innovations. Will explore the cultural accomplishments of the Tang and Ming dynasties in Beijing and Zi'an China (PRC) and the Edo period in Kyoto, Japan, along with the mathematical innovations that those societies gave rise to. These innovations include the development of algebra and number theory in China and the influence of these on wasan, the traditional mathematics of Edo period Japan. Simultaneously, we will read and analyze Chinese poetry in translation and explore its relationship to painting, calligraphy and garden design in both China and Japan and explore the concept of cultural influence and appropriation. Prerequisites: IDST 098; INQS 125 or equavalent and MATH 150 or higher. 4 credits. (CS orGP)

Instructor: Christopher Keaveney, Charles Dunn
Is consent of Instructor Required? Yes