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Subject: TCCA

Catalog Number: 420

Registration Number: 7440

Methodological approaches to performance studies and the objects or sites of performance those methods presume, construct, and privilege. Techniques for scripting, directing, and presenting public performances in topics such as Performing Ethnography, Performance and Popular Culture, Group Performance, and Performing Gender. May be repeated once for credit with different content. Prerequisite: junior standing or higher. Offered fall of odd-numbered years. 3 credits. (CS or GP or US depending on topic)

2017 Fall Topic: Political and Protest Performance in the US
According to Augusto Boal, author of Theatre of the Oppressed, "All theater is necessarily political." This course examines plays and performances in the United States that address social, economic, and political issues, from AIDS to labor to war. The class includes assignments such as reading plays, examining the theatricality of political protests and politicians' performances, and developing political performances. Topics to be discussed include questions of efficacy with regard to political theatre, consideration of what counts as a "successful" political performance, and reflection on a more expansive approach to understanding impact and change.

Instructor: Lindsey Mantoan
Is consent of Instructor Required? No

Course Type: LEC
Location: FORD T104
Time: 2:55PM- 3:45PM  MWF