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Subject: PHIL

Catalog Number: 180

Registration Number: 6675

General introduction to Western ethical philosophy with a focus on the application of ethical theory to contemporary moral issues. Examination of classic and contemporary readings to gain working familiarity with central theories, issues, and moral dilemmas in ethics. Some comparative work in Non-western and/or divergent U.S. ethical traditions. Examination of issues in both normative and metaethics, including: the problems of relativism and skepticism; the nature and limits of moral obligations to others; religion and ethics; and ethical analysis applied to social and political issues relevant to the 21st century in U.S. life. 4 credits. (UQ or US)

Instructor: Kaarina Beam
Is consent of Instructor Required? No

Course Type: LEC
Location: DAYH 103
Time: 1:05PM- 2:45PM  TTh