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Global Studies

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Global Studies

With a global studies degree, you will gain an understanding of the impact events and trends have on various cultures abroad. You will gain a deeper understanding of the world you live in, both globally and locally, by studying these communities besides your own. The focus begins on individual communities around the world. Through historical studies of these countries, you will explore how different cultures were shaped by their history, religion and political roots.

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As a global studies major at Linfield

you might take:

Philosophy East & West

Comparative introductory study of major philosophical traditions of east and west: ethics, metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of religion. (PHIL 160)

Latin America Since 1810

Explores the emergence and development of modern Latin American states and societies. Topics include movements for political independence, land and labor systems, slave emancipation, gender relations, urbanization and populism, social revolution, authoritarian dictatorships, and US-Latin American relations and foreign intervention. (HIST 154)

International Politics

Examines historical context and theoretical foundations central to understanding international political order and exercise of power in a global era. Applies knowledge to current issues such as climate change, human rights, poverty, and nuclear proliferation. (POLS 360)

Global studies at Linfield

Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate some familiarity with diverse historical, sociocultural, religious and political contexts around the globe, including the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

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  • Demonstrate sustained engagement, from one or more disciplinary perspectives, including history, religious studies, political science, communication studies or other disciplines, with the ideas, value systems, practices and social formations of a particular culture or region, historically or contemporarily (or both).

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  • Demonstrate an appreciation for the contribution of different disciplinary perspectives to the understanding of local and global issues and their complexities.


    Demonstrate a critical understanding of the ethical implications of global citizenship, informed by global awareness and cross-cultural understanding.

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  • Develop the skills necessary to examine critically a broad range of historical, cultural and religious traditions and to assess how the values associated with those traditions shape people’s lives.

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  • Demonstrate proficiency in research and communication skills, both oral and written, which promote critical thought and personal growth.

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Employment Opportunities

Studying different countries will open up a large range of opportunities for you at home and abroad. You can pursue a successful career in international business, academics, advocacy, politics, government, publishing, the arts, research and much more.

Here are just a few specific opportunities you will have after completing your global studies degree:

  • Foreign service
  • Peace corps
  • International trade
  • Civil service
  • International tourism
  • National security
  • Legislative aid

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Kristie Rickerd
Kristie Rickerd
Associate Director of Admission for Online and Continuing Education