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Yoga Instructor Certificate

Certificate for

Yoga Instructor

It is no secret that yoga is growing rapidly around the globe. As it becomes more popular in society, the demand for instructors grows. At Linfield University, we want to help you take your yoga skills to the next level. Through physical and philosophical training, our courses will prepare you for a career as a yoga instructor. The curriculum is completely online, and we offer you a faculty advisor as a point of contact for questions and guidance. We also offer robust technical support to help make sure your courses run smoothly.

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As a yoga instructor student at Linfield

you might take:

Intro to Yoga

Overview of philosophy, history and practice of yoga; discussion of its progression and incorporation in the west over last 100 years; emphasis on benefits of yoga and mindfulness for the individual. (HHPA 215)

Core Concepts Of Health and Human Performance

An overview of the core concepts of health and human performance as they relate to a practitioner in the field of fitness, exercise, and athletics; laws and principles of human performance as they relate to movement and training of the human body; emphasis on the scientific foundations of training and conditioning for human performance and health from a practical perspective. (HHPA 270)

Yoga: Mindfulness

Principles of mindfulness and basic understanding of yoga. Physical practice of hatha yoga. Emphasis on physical and mental benefits and employment of breathing techniques (pranayama). (HHPA 071a)

Studying yoga instruction at Linfield

Learning Outcomes

  • Teach and practice the major yoga techniques, and provide guided practice of the techniques.

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  • Demonstrate how to plan and deliver a well-designed yoga program.

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  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of human anatomy and physiology (bodily systems, organs, etc.) with their application to yoga (benefits, contraindications, healthy movement patterns).

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  • Be able to explain yoga philosophies, lifestyle, ethics for yoga teachers, and the value of teaching yoga as a service.

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Employment Opportunities

After completion of the online yoga instructor course, you will be certified to teach your own yoga courses. There is a demand for instructors in gyms and studios all across the country and the world. Many other yoga instructors prefer to teach private clients. Whichever direction you want to take in your career, we will help you master your craft.

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Deanna Fairchild
Deanna Fairchild
Assistant Director of Admission for Online and Continuing Education