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Wine Marketing Certificate

Certificate in

Wine Marketing

The wine marketing certificate program gives you the knowledge and experience you need to develop your career in the growing wine industry. With an emphasis on the marketing side of wine, courses focus on subjects such as marketing strategies, digital and social media and public relations.

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Employment opportunities

The wine industry employs hundreds of thousands of people. Graduates of the Linfield University Online and Continuing Education program could pursue a career as a:

  • Marketing professional
  • Social media expert
  • Compliance manager
  • Direct-to-customer marketing manager
  • Sales manager

Advance your career

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As a wine marketing student at Linfield

you might take:

Fundamentals of Wine

Introduction to the multi-faceted world of wine, including cultural and business aspects. Participate in discussions of wine history, viticulture, winemaking, marketing, sales and wine appreciation. (WINE 205)

Contemporary Business

Understanding business as an integrated entity, both in the U.S. and global environments. Forms of business ownership, business ethics, production, human resources, marketing, accounting and finance. (BNSS 250)


The elements of marketing emphasizing the managerial considerations in planning market strategies. Target markets, buyer behavior, product parameters, price, promotion and distribution. (BNMK 321)

Studying wine marketing at Linfield

Learning outcomes

  • Describe the functions of business, with an emphasis on wine business

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  • Apply elements of the marketing mix and other marketing concepts to wine-related businesses

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  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of historical, cultural, and aesthetic aspects of wine

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  • Demonstrate detailed understanding of a specific area of wine marketing, such as sales management or social media

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Kristie Rickerd
Kristie Rickerd
Senior Associate Director of Admission