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Wine Management Certificate

Certificate in

Wine Management

The wine industry around the world is alive and thriving. A number of employment opportunities exist for a professional with wine management expertise. Anyone with personal and professional interests in this industry could be an ideal candidate for enrollment at Linfield University Online and Continuing Education.

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As a wine management student at Linfield

you might take:

Fundamentals of Wine

Introduction to the multi-faceted world of wine, including cultural and business aspects. Gain a liberal arts perspective involving theory and application to the Oregon wine industry within a global context. Participate in discussions of wine history, viticulture, winemaking, marketing, sales and wine appreciation. (WINE 205)

Contemporary Business

Introduction to the basic functions of management and business. Business as an integrated entity, both in the U.S. and global environments. Forms of business ownership, business ethics, production, human resources, marketing, accounting and finance. (BNSS 250)

Organizational Behavior and Management

Introduction to human behavior in organizations, and management of business and organizational behavior. Explore management theory; attitudes and values; communication, motivation, planning, decision making, evaluation and feedback; leadership and power; group and team dynamics; organizational culture and change. (BNMG 310)

Studying wine management at Linfield

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the functions of business, with an emphasis on wine business

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  • Apply knowledge of human behavior in organizations to the management of wine-related businesses

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  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of historical, cultural, and aesthetic aspects of wine

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  • Demonstrate detailed understanding of a specific area of wine management, such as human resource management or company leadership

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Employment Opportunities

Numerous careers fall within this field. Anyone owning or managing a vineyard or winery would benefit from wine management courses. A professional who owns or manages a tasting room or wine club would also be a potential candidate for this course of study. The general manager or customer manager in any type of retail, hospitality, or restaurant establishment that serves or sells wine might also learn valuable information about this field by studying at Linfield University.

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Deanna Fairchild
Deanna Fairchild
Assistant Director of Admission for Online and Continuing Education