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Web Application Development Certificate

Certificate in

Web Application Development

Webmasters are tasked with one of the most imperative responsibilities in today’s world – to build website architecture that is easy to use, mobile compatible, and draws people in. So much of our commerce and information is found online. A webmaster that knows how to deliver is a huge asset to a hiring company.

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As a web application development student at Linfield

you might take:

Fundamentals of Information Systems Technology

Broad overview of computer science. Topics include basic concepts in hardware, operating systems and networks, algorithmic problem solving, introduction to the object-oriented paradigm, and an overview of the social context of computing. (COMP 101)

Programming and Object Structures

Concepts of object-oriented and procedural software engineering methodologies in data definition and measurement, abstract data type construction and use in developing screen editors, reports and other IS applications. Programming in visual development environment that incorporates event-driven and object-oriented design. (COMP 152)

Database Program and Development

Application program development in a database environment using a host language. Data structures, file organizations, models of data storage devices, data administration and data analysis, design and implementation. (COMP 250)

Studying web application development at Linfield

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply markup and styling languages for processing, identifying and presenting information in web pages.

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  • Use an appropriate design technology and web services to transfer data and add interactive components to web pages.

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  • Apply interface design principles to produce layout and organization of websites that effectively communicate appropriate business models and web technologies.

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  • Combine multiple web technologies to create advanced web components.

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  • Design secured websites using appropriate security principles.

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Deanna Fairchild
Deanna Fairchild
Assistant Director of Admission for Online and Continuing Education