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Communication and Diversity Certificate

Certificate in

Communication and Diversity

Linfield's communication and diversity certificate offers opportunities to gain knowledge about communicating with individuals from diverse backgrounds in multiple settings. The curriculum includes a foundational course in interpersonal communication combined with courses focusing on communication within and across a variety of global and domestic cultural contexts.

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As a communication and diversity student at Linfield

you might take:

Interpersonal Communication

Theory and application of skills in relational communication. Emphasis on self-awareness, listening, verbal and nonverbal codes, role competency, conflict management. (COMM 130)

Intercultural Communication: Global Perspectives

Theory and practice of human communication in a multicultural world. Interdisciplinary and global perspectives on the social and cultural contexts of communication. Emphasis on perception, values, enculturation, acculturation, verbal and nonverbal language systems, strategies for effective intercultural interaction. (COMM 230)

Multicultural Communication in the United States

Theory and practice of human communication in a multicultural world. Emphasis on dynamics of human interaction within and across co-cultures in the United States. Development of communication skills to deal effectively with cultural identity and diversity. (COMM 233)

Studying communication and diversity at Linfield

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the process of human communication

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  • Explain individual and cultural similarities and differences, including the ways in which diverse perspectives influence communication

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  • Articulate one’s own cultural standpoint and how it affects one’s world view and communication

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  • Adapt one’s communication to facilitate effective and inclusive interaction in diverse cultural contexts

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Deanna Fairchild
Deanna Fairchild
Assistant Director of Admission for Online and Continuing Education