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5/17/2002 Richardson named outstanding advisor

McMINNVILLE – Peter Richardson, professor of German and an advisor in Linfield College's freshman advising program, is the recipient of an Outstanding Advising Award from the National Academic Advising Association.

Richardson will be honored at the annual NACADA conference this fall in Salt Lake City, Utah.

For 16 years, Richardson has served as an advisor for Linfield's Colloquium, a one-semester course designed to help first year students focus on the transition from learning in high school to learning in college. The course covers health issues in the college environment, the resources of the Linfield community, and the process of making sound academic and career choices.

Richardson, along with a peer advisor who is an upper-class student, work with a group of first year students each year from orientation to the end of fall semester. Richardson is the only faculty member at Linfield to have served continuously as an advisor in the Colloquium program since its inception in 1987.

"Professor Richardson has a deep conviction that a liberal arts education is only the beginning of a lifetime of learning and this he conveys to advisees in a host of different ways," said Deborah Olsen, director of academic advising, who nominated him. He encourages students to think outside the box and invites them to explore a wide range of academic avenues and career possibilities. His advisees have included language majors, international business majors, art majors and a great many students who are undecided. They regularly give him top marks in their evaluations.

Richardson has also been a leader in curriculum reform at Linfield, chairing the committee to revise Linfield's general education curriculum in 1997. He has helped in developing and improving Linfield's international study program. He has also served as an informal advisor to students applying for Fulbright scholarships and other major awards.

"Professor Richardson is an extraordinary member of the Linfield community who cares deeply about the well-being and success of students and who construes advising in the best and broadest terms," Olsen added.

The Faculty Advising Award is given to individuals who have demonstrated qualities associated with outstanding academic advising of students. The award goes to faculty members whose primary responsibility is teaching, and who spend a portion of their time providing academic advising services to students.