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6/3/2008 Drickey receives Fulbright award

press image McMINNVILLE – Nancy Drickey, associate professor of education and department chair at Linfield College, has been awarded a two-week Fulbright to India this summer under the Teacher Education Administrators Program to India. The program is administered under the United States Educational Foundation in India.

She will travel to Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata with 10 other teacher education administrators to investigate teacher preparation practices in India. Drickey will have the opportunity to meet with individuals and learn about programs that play a key role in the planning and administration of school education in India. As a result of this experience, Drickey will propose a January Term 2010 Linfield course to India and Hong Kong to explore issues related to teacher training, faculty training, student teaching and licensure.

"This particular program is a perfect fit with my expertise in teacher education and my passion for international travel," Drickey said. "This is a wonderful opportunity to explore India while interacting with other U.S. teacher educators as we strive to make new connections with schools and teachers in a diverse culture."

Drickey's interest in international teacher education has taken her to Europe and Asia to visit schools, observe classrooms and share ideas with educational leaders. In 2002 she was awarded a grant from the Linfield International Programs office to study educational practices in China and pursue contacts between the Linfield teacher education program and those in China. In 2003, she was a presenter at the International Learning Conferences in England. In 2004, she was awarded an Asian Research Grant to visit Japanese schools and research teacher education and strategies for teaching mathematics. She has been interested in developing study abroad experiences in Asia for Linfield students pursuing teacher education. Her participation in this program will provide her the background and professional contacts to develop relationships and collaborations in India, as well as with other U.S. participants.

This program is well suited to Drickey's expertise in teacher assessment practices within the United States, said Barbara Seidman, dean of faculty.

"The potential to shape and enrich her research into teacher education and effective mathematics pedagogies is huge," Seidman said, adding it could lead to future study abroad opportunities, a comparative investigation of teaching practices and foster Drickey's professional growth on multiple fronts.

Drickey has been at Linfield since 2001. She earned her bachelor's, master's and Ph.D. from Utah State University.

The purpose of the program is to provide U.S. teacher education administrators first-hand knowledge of a cross-section of Indian institutions of higher education focused on teacher education and training.