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1/11/2007 Linfield faculty members give international talks

McMINNVILLE - Two Linfield College faculty members were invited speakers at recent international conferences.

Thierry Durand, associate professor of French, and Brian Winkenweder, assistant professor of art history, both presented talks at European conferences last fall.

Durand presented "'The Non-Seriousness of Edification' and the Depth of the Good" at an international colloquium, A Century with Lévinas: Lévinas-Blanchot, Thinking the Difference, Nov. 13-16 in Paris, France. His presentation was a comparative approach to the two writers' groundings of ethics. Fifteen nationalities were represented at the event. The conference was organized by the city of Paris and in partnership with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for the organization's World Philosophy Day.

Winkenweder spoke on "After Words: Intention and the Homometrics of the E-Interview" at the seminar, Artist Participation in the Preservation of Installation Art, in Ghent, Belgium, Oct. 19-20. The presentation focused on a three-year electronic interview Winkenweder conducted with conceptual artist Robert Morris as part of doctoral research. Morris refuses to be recorded by video or audio, only conducting interviews via email or fax.

The Ghent Museum of Contemporary Art invited Winkenweder, one of two Americans to speak, after hearing him talk on the same topic at a conference in Leeds, England, last summer. The seminar was hosted by an organization of European contemporary art museums operating under a grant from the European Union to study the preservation and presentation of installation art.

Barbara Seidman, interim dean of faculty, underscored the hard work that lay behind such prestigious invitations.

"Both Thierry and Brian have completed significant research to earn inclusion in these scholarly venues," she said. "We are very proud of them and appreciate that they also bring this kind of international recognition to Linfield."