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3/28/2002 Linfield science students present research papers

McMINNVILLE – Nineteen Linfield College science students presented papers at the Oregon Academy of Sciences annual meeting Feb. 23.

The conference, held at Pacific University in Forest Grove, provides an opportunity for members of the Oregon scientific community to talk with colleagues about work they are doing. Students, as well as faculty members, take part in the meeting, which adds a valuable component to the collaborative research offered at Linfield, according to Marv Henberg, vice president for academic affairs and dean of faculty at Linfield.

"One of our solemn obligations as faculty members is to produce students who are capable of thinking and learning on their own," Henberg said. "Collaborative research with faculty is a key bridge toward developing students' self-confidence in their own powers of thinking for themselves."

In addition to promoting student faculty collaborative research, the conference helps students refine public speaking skills and provides them with positive feedback from more than just friends and faculty advisors, according to Eugene Gilden, professor of psychology, who presented research carried out with two Linfield students.

"They learn discipline of talking about something in a highly focused way and of planning the visual part of their presentation in a way that complements but does not overwhelm what they are saying," Gilden added. "They get experience in thinking on their feet, as members of the audience can and do ask them questions. They also have the emotional and intellectual delight of seeing something that they have worked very hard on come to a positive, respected conclusion."

Students conducting collaborative research design, execute and trouble-shoot their own experiments under the direction of a faculty mentor, said Elizabeth Atkinson, assistant professor of chemistry.

"It is an excellent experience for developing their problem solving skills," she added.

Five biology students attended the meeting. Senior Ben Allinger of Prairie, Wash., senior Amber Evans of Grants Pass and junior Jeanine Ishii of Vancouver, Wash., worked with Kareen Sturgeon, professor of biology, to present "Restoring Deer Creek Prairie: Effects of Prescribed Burning on Native and Exotic Plant Species" and "Restoring Deer Creek Prairie: Effects of Prescribed Burning on the Threatened Willamette Valley Endemic Kincaid's Lupine." John Hare, professor of biology, worked with seniors Leah Richards of Seattle, Wash., and Charla Swanson of Corvallis, Mont., to present "Regulation of the Immune Response in Syrian Hamsters."

Five psychology students also attended. Gilden worked with junior Carrie Blomquist of Coquille and senior Jay Smith of Westfield, Ind., to present "Traumatic Disclosure: A Methodological Exploration." Lee Bakner, associate professor of psychology, worked with three students on three separate projects including senior Gabriel Dreer of Oregon City to present "Place Conditioning Sprague-Dawley Rats Using an Ethanol Drinking Procedure." Bakner also collaborated with senior Naomi Yoneyama of Honolulu, Hawaii, to present "Testing the Retrieval Failure Theory of Latent Inhibition: Do Contextual Cues Effect Postconditioning Recovery of a Latently Inhibited Conditioned Taste Aversion?" Bakner and senior Lindsay Mullins of Redmond presented "Does Selective Postoperative Administration of Nimodipine Effect Recovery of Function After Neocortical Injury?"

Linfield was represented by eight chemistry students and one physics student. Junior Mohammed Parpia of Nairobi, Kenya, presented "Synthesis of Sterically Hindered Porphyrins." Junior Michael Oar of Salem, along with Atkinson, presented "Synthesis of Octa-Substituted Phthalocyanines as Potential Photovoltaic Sensitizing Dyes." Atkinson also worked with junior Benjamin Pappas of McMinnville and 2001 graduate Jacob Scott to present "Effects of a Co-Facial Inhibitor on the Photo Efficiencies of Novel Octasubstituted Phthalocyanines in a Photovoltaic Cell."

Senior Ernest Nnanabu of Olympia, Wash., worked with Joseph Konopeleski, a chemistry professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz, to present "Progress Towards a Unique Proline Mimic." Junior Rojendra Singh of Sanepa, Lalitpur, worked with James Hutchison of the University of Oregon chemistry department to present "Synthesis of Organic Soluble Conformationally Constrained Malonamides for Solvent Extraction of f-Block Metals." Junior Matthew Bentz of Durham, Calif., worked with Jim Diamond, professor of chemistry, to present "Constructing a Green Alternative to HCL vs. DCL Analysis of Moderate Resolution Infrared Spectra of Carbon Dioxide." Juniors Jill Voreis of Vancouver and Diana Hidalgo of Anchorage, Alaska, a physics major, worked with both Atkinson and Joelle Murray, assistant professor of physics, to present "Sonoluminescence and its Applications: Fluorescing Dyes and Initiating Polymerization in Acrylates."

Jeffrey Summers, associate professor of economics, presented "The Net Revenue Effects of Tuition Rate and Institutional Financial Aid Adjustments at Private Liberal Arts Colleges."

The Oregon Academy of Sciences is affiliated with the American Academy for the Advancement of Sciences. Next year's annual meeting will be held in February 2003 at Linfield.