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1/1/2006 Sesquicentennial Logo Design Specifications

Call for submissions and design specifications for Linfield College Sesquicentennial Logo Design

The Sesquicentennial Logo Design competition is open to all graphic artists. Participants may submit more than one logo, as long as they differ noticeably in design. Designs shall be submitted in their final form as finished works (no sketches).

All submitted designs should adhere to the following specifications:

• The final designs must be submitted as scalable vector format eps (Adobe Illustrator or Freehand preferred). Halftone images will be taken into consideration as long as they are embedded in the eps format.

• Avoid the use of gradients (including elements such as drop shadows) unless created inside a vector program. All designs must be submitted in electronic form as either native eps files or pdf.

• Logos must adapt well to electronic and printed media, to reproduction on small surfaces, and to use in color, black and white and in positive and negative form.

• All entries must be original in design and creators must ensure that their works are not in violation of copyright laws.

Deadline for submitting designs is Aug. 15, 2006.

Return of designs: Participants should retain personal records of their designs. Neither the designs submitted nor the electronic media will be returned to them.

By submitting an entry, you agree to grant Linfield College a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use your logo entry for any purpose relating to Linfield College's Sesquicentennial celebration. The logo becomes property of Linfield College which agrees to use it for "not-for-profit" use only.

Designs may be submitted to