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3/13/2006 Directing portfolios to showcase student work

McMINNVILLE – Linfield College student directors will present their work in seven short scenes during the upcoming Linfield Theatre Department Directing Portfolio Showcase.

The performances will run March 21-23 at the Marshall Theatre in Ford Hall. Selected scenes will be performed twice in each evening, beginning at 7 and 9 p.m. Advanced directing students chose a scene to present as part of their portfolio development.

Dinah Greenfield, a junior theatre major, will direct "Underpants" by Steve Martin on Tuesday, March 21. The comedic scene centers around Louise, whose underwear fall down at a parade. The accident eventually causes two men, Versati and Cohen, to go to the home of Louise and her husband, then end up pursuing and fighting for Louise.

Matt Hall, a junior majoring in English, will direct "Lone Star" by James McClure on Tuesday, March 21. The story begins as Roy, a local hero, returns to his small town in Texas after serving in Vietnam. The scene recounts Roy’s war experiences, interactions with his brother, Ray, and friends, and his attempts to reestablish his position in the community.

Carissa White, a senior theatre major, will direct "The Forces of Darkness vs. Jesus Christ" by Kerrie Polkinghorne on Wednesday, March 22. The scene takes place in the high court of God, where a trial is occurring to determine the fate of mankind. The scene presents a paradox between sins of a criminal who knows Jesus and the life of a good person who does not believe in Christ.

Morgan Yeates, a senior theatre major, will direct "The Betrothed" by Jerome McDonough on Wednesday, March 22. The story centers around Vera, an unmarried school teacher, who has trouble dealing with the lasting influence of her dead mother on her life. With her mother constantly on her mind, Vera has trouble sustaining successful relationships with men.

Jessica Shields, a junior business management major, will direct "Daniel on a Thursday" by Garth Wingfield on Wednesday, March 22. The scene is about two men who meet in a

bar. Daniel is stuck in a routine and won’t take any chances in his life. Kevin is determined to get to know Daniel and pull him out of his shell.

Brandon Sharp, a junior theatre major, will direct "3000 Red Ants" by Lawrence Ferlinghetti on Thursday, March 23. In this scene, a couple sits in bed discussing life.

Sharp understands the value of the real-life experience he is receiving through the directing process.

"Anybody can take a test or complete a homework assignment," said Sharp. "But when I have something to show for my work and it provides meaning or entertainment to an audience, then I have done my job."

Senior Melissa Sandoz, who majors in environmental studies, will direct "Gasping" by Ben Elton on Thursday, March 23. This scene was adapted from a 1980s British play that tells the story of a group of executives and marketers who decide to collect and sell oxygen from the atmosphere. It deals with issues of hoarding and depleting the environment.

This piece will serve as Sandoz’s senior thesis, combining her environmental studies major and theatre arts major.

"This is a chance to see how well theatre can work as a method of social change in my field of interest," said Sandoz.

To reach Ford Hall from 99W, turn east on Keck Drive at the McMinnville Market Center in south McMinnville. Turn right on Lever Street and right again on Ford Drive. Ford Hall is located at the west end of the parking lot.

The performances are free and open to the public. For more information call 503-883-2802.