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11/18/2005 Smith announces $1 million donation to Linfield College

McMINNVILLE – Del Smith, founder and CEO of Evergreen, Inc., has announced a $1 million donation to Linfield College to support Wildcat athletics.

Smith announced the gift from him and the Evergreen family during the Athletics Hall of Fame banquet on Nov. 5. Smith, who is also a member of the Linfield College Board of Trustees, was inducted into the Linfield Athletics Hall of Fame for his meritorious service to the program.

"Del Smith has a long record of support of Linfield College," said Interim President Marvin Henberg. "For more than 30 years, he has not only supported the athletic program, but has given to academic programs and provided numerous internship and employment opportunities to Linfield students and alumni. We greatly appreciate his continued support of Linfield College."

The money will be used for future athletics projects.

"We believe the Linfield athletic program is one of the best classrooms on campus," Smith said. "Linfield athletics teach young students principles to be successful. Success is defined as integrity, Christian values, virtuous behavior and achievement – not fame and fortune which are false values."

Some of Smith’s contributions to the college have included providing transportation, lodging and meals to the baseball team for pre-season trips to Arizona. He has also provided transportation to the coaching staff for recruiting trips and contributed to the construction of the Rutschman Field House and to the renovations of Helser Field and the football field and track.

Smith has also supported academic and student programs at Linfield. He contributed to the construction of Nicholson Library, and has provided support for the Linfield Business Department, Edith Green Lecture Fund and the President’s Discretionary Fund.

Smith and Evergreen companies have been a source of internships for numerous Linfield students. Many graduates have gone on to work at Evergreen companies as a direct result of those internships.