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1/31/2002 Linfield receives $1 million grant

Linfield receives $1 million grant

McMINNVILLE – Linfield College has received a $1 million grant from the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust of Vancouver, Wash., to help fund the technology in the college's new library.

"The Murdock Trust has advanced Linfield a giant step closer to meeting the crucial challenge of funding a new library," President Vivian A. Bull said in announcing the grant. "We are grateful for the trust's interest in this project and for its appreciation of the project's significance for the future of Linfield."

The new library will more than double the space of the current facility. It will ultimately accommodate some 35 computer work stations, compared to the current 15. In addition, there will be connections at approximately a third of the individual seats in the public areas to allow patrons to connect laptops to the campus network, the Internet and the world wide web. Students who do not have laptops will be able to check them out at the circulation desk.

"Although the technological revolution has reduced the need for space to store many materials, it has actually increased the demands on space overall, since the library must provide sophisticated computerized points of access in addition to storage space for books," Bull added.

The grant will help Linfield incorporate a cutting-edge feature into the design of its library. The facility will have a raised access floor for all of the building's utilities, including the phone and data cables that will link the building's computer and telecommunications equipment. This design will permit changes in the interior configuration to adapt to new technological needs with the least possible expense by providing greater flexibility than the traditional system, in which wiring is routed through ceilings and walls.

"To our knowledge, our library will be the first in Oregon to incorporate this into its design," Bull noted. "It is a feature that is rapidly catching on in Europe, but is so far found less frequently in the United States."

Including this latest grant, Linfield has raised about $11.5 million out of the $14.5 million budgeted for its new library and theatre. The new facilities will be housed in the largest building on the Keck Campus, property and buildings that Linfield acquired from the Hewlett-Packard Company. The proposed library and theatre constitute the largest building project in the college's history and the largest single component of Linfield's $65 million capital campaign "Linfield – The Defining Moment."