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1/9/2004 Local fifth graders enroll for day at Linfield

McMINNVILLE – A group of local fifth graders will get a glimpse of college life when they enroll at Linfield College Friday, Jan. 16.

Forty-six students from Wascher Elementary School in Lafayette will experience campus life first hand when they participate in the "I’m Going to College" day at Linfield. The students will take German and physical education classes, and learn the fundamental concepts of physics by participating in a Physics Theatre.

The day-long program, sponsored by Linfield, is designed to encourage children to plan for a college education, both academically and financially. Students were introduced to basic college information during visits from Linfield representatives. They applied for admission and financial aid and received a letter of admission from the college.

Once at Linfield, elementary students will be immersed into college life as they register for classes, receive a student ID card, pay for tuition with a mock scholarship check and pick up a backpack and other school supplies from the bookstore. After a welcome by Linfield President Vivian Bull, they will attend mini-classes taught by Linfield professors, tour the campus, meet with Linfield students and have lunch in the dining hall with members of the men’s and women’s Linfield basketball teams.

Classes will include a German class, led by Linfield senior Becky Lundberg; "Physics Theatre," led by Bill Mackie, professor of physics; "Water Safety and Aerobics," taught by Gary Gutierrez, head swim coach and aquatic director; and a basketball clinic, led by Robyn Stewart, head women’s basketball coach.

For more information, contact Sharon Sweeney, program coordinator, at 503-883-2226.