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10/31/2003 Beijing opera focus of lecture and performance

McMINNVILLE – Three Beijing Opera performers will present a lecture and performance Tuesday, Nov. 11, at 8 p.m. in Melrose Auditorium at Linfield College.

The lecture and demonstration, "Beijing Opera: Tradition, Techniques and Characters," will be followed by a performance featuring the Monkey King, who journeys to the Eastern Ocean and encounters Turtle, Dragon Princess and the Heavenly Maiden.

The lecture and performance are free, open to the public and sponsored by Linfield’s Office of International Programs and Department of Music and the Northwest China Council.

Ghaffar Pourazar will portray the Monkey King. He is an Iranian born Englishman and the first Westerner to become a "Master of Chinese Traditional Drama" with the Beijing Opera. Pourazar has won several awards for his portrayal of the Monkey King and has been the subject of numerous documentaries and news features that trace his career in the art form. He is committed to maintaining the authenticity of the art form in China, while making it more accessible and understandable for Western audiences.

Master Zhang Shaohua will portray the Turtle and Green Dragon. He specializes in the Warrior Clown character, the most physically demanding character in Beijing Opera. His career has included performances before President Richard Nixon and Chairman Mao. He is currently a teacher at the National Academy for Chinese Traditional Opera.

Morimura Chie will portray the Heavenly Maiden and Female Warrior in the performance. She is a graduate of the Tokyo Drama School and was trained in Beijing Opera at the National Academy for Chinese Traditional Opera and the Zheng Yi Ci Traditional Opera House.

For more information on the opera, call 503-883-2222.