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9/23/2003 San Francisco Mime Troupe to perform at Linfield

McMINNVILLE – The internationally known San Francisco Mime Troupe will present a satirical musical action adventure, "Veronique of the Mounties in 'Operation: Frozen Freedom'" Tuesday, Oct. 7, in the Marshall Theatre at Linfield College.

Music will begin at 7:30 p.m. followed by the show at 8 p.m. Tickets are $15 for students and seniors and $20 for general admission. For more information, call 503-883-2292.

Set in the near future, "Veronique of the Mounties," finds the U.S. government deeply engaged in its quest to save the people of the world from themselves. After bringing "democracy" to Iraq, Syria and France, the U.S. turns its gaze to the terrorist threat on its northern border, Canada. Fiction follows fiction until only one thing can protect America (and launch the Cheney/Rice run for the White House in 2008), Operation Frozen Freedom.

Meanwhile, as the Canadians mobilize to fight off invasion, Royal Canadian Mounted Policewoman Veronique Du Bois is given a dangerous mission: to journey into the heart of American darkness and recover the object that may stop the U.S. military's rush to the Great White North.

Amid laughter and music, the play will answer these burning questions: why would America turn away from its own economic and social problems and attack the peace-loving hockey fans in the north? Who benefits from a constant war on terror? Can a country with a maple leaf as a flag truly be a terrorist threat? And what has Canada got that's more valuable than oil?

Never a company to shy away from tackling large political questions, the San Francisco Mime Troupe has been producing socially relevant musical theater since 1959, a testament to the Troupe’s broad constituency and its ability to speak their thoughts. The Troupe does not do pantomime, but presents "mime" in the ancient sense: to mimic. They are theatrical satirists, seeking to make their audiences laugh at the absurdities of contemporary life. The San Francisco Mime Troupe has produced four hit shows in the last four years. They have tackled a host of topical subjects: gentrification, gene modification in food, and CEOs in the White House. With roots in commedia dell’arte and American melodrama, the Troupe finds inspiration for their plots in old movies, fables, classic horror tales and science fiction. Whatever the topic, the Mime Troupe addresses it using its unique combination of clever sets and costumes, lyrical songs, sharply drawn characterizations, savvy dialog and physical comedy.

The San Francisco Mime Troupe won its first OBIE Award in 1968. Since then, the company has been honored with two more OBIEs, the coveted Tony Award (for excellence in regional theater), the Bay Area Media Alliance's Golden Gadfly Award for Lifetime Achievement, and numerous Bay Area Theatre Critics' Circle Awards. Performances of the San Francisco Mime Troupe are made possible in part by the National Endowment for the Arts, the City of San Francisco Grants for the Arts, the San Francisco Arts Commission, the Bernard Osher Foundation, the Zellerbach Family Fund, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and the W. A. Gerbode Foundation.