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3/18/2003 Linfield scientists host, participate in annual meeting

McMINNVILLE – Eight Linfield College science students, along with a number of faculty mentors, presented papers at the Oregon Academy of Science (OAS) annual meeting held at Linfield Feb. 22.

More than 250 Oregon college students and faculty members gathered for the conference, which provides an opportunity for members of the Oregon scientific community to talk with colleagues about work they are researching. Both students and faculty give oral and poster presentations of research conducted at institutions throughout Oregon and the nation. Many students carry out research as part of summer internships and during the academic year, according to Elizabeth J.O. Atkinson, Linfield associate professor of chemistry and OAS president.

"The OAS gives students a forum to share their research with their colleagues around the state, allows them to participate in a regional conference and gives them the opportunity to further develop their oral communication skills," Atkinson added.

Students conducting collaborative research under the direction of a faculty mentor often design, execute and trouble-shoot their own experiments. They also polish public speaking skills and bolster ties with student and faculty colleagues in the field.

Linfield research opportunities for students across disciplines have been funded by grants from the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, the Linfield Collaborative Research Endowment, the Walter P. Dyke Endowment and individual research grants.

"Linfield is committed to undergraduate student-faculty collaborative research and is building an endowment to continue to provide research opportunities for students over the summer and during the academic year," Atkinson said.

This year Linfield's chemistry and physics departments were represented by six students, as well as five faculty members from the two departments. Senior Mohammed Parpia of Nairobi, Kenya, worked with Toby Chapman, a chemistry professor at the University of Pittsburgh, to present "Synthesis of a Monomer for Conjugated Hyperbranched Polymers." Senior Michael Oar of Salem, along with Antonio Facchetti and Tobin J. Marks of Northwestern University in Illinois, presented "Thiophene Copolymer Synthesis for

Organic Thin-Film Transistor Applications." Junior Chris Rivera of Vancouver, Wash., worked with Atkinson to present "Novel Octa-substituted Copper Phthalocyanines Containing N-Ethoxy-Ethanol Side Chains." Junior Karine Danskey of Woodburn and senior Diana Hidalgo of Anchorage, Alaska, together with Atkinson and Joelle Murray, Linfield assistant professor of physics, presented "Effect of Methyl Viologen on Sono-emission of Dye Solutions." Jim Diamond, Linfield professor of chemistry, presented

"Comparison of Zero-order and Second-order Derivatives in the Analysis of an Absorption Spectrum." Junior Cody Schlenker of Sioux Falls, S.D., and Thomas Reinert, Linfield professor of chemistry, presented "Synthesis of Dipyrromethanes as Precursors to Sterically Hindered Porphyrins."

Biology and psychology research was presented as well, including "Know Thyself? Awareness of Biases in Ratings of Others" by senior Carrie Blomquist of Coquille and Eugene Gilden, Linfield professor of psychology. Senior Leah Chapman of Olympia, Wash., and Lee Bakner, associate professor of psychology, presented "The Effects of Nimodipine on Self-Administration of Ethanol in Long-Evans Rats." Also listed in the paper were Lindsay Mullins, who graduated from Linfield in 2002 and is enrolled in a behavioral neuroscience doctoral program at Texas Christian University, and Rachna Sinnot, former Linfield psychology lab coordinator.

Linfield faculty and students have a strong tradition of OAS participation. Two Linfield faculty members, James A. MacNab and Jane Claire Dirks, were published in the first OAS abstracts printed in 1944. Over the years many Linfield faculty have served on the OAS executive board. John L. Boling, professor of biology from 1946 to 1974, was OAS president in 1952 and Walter P. Dyke, physics professor from 1946 to 1964, received the Oregon Outstanding Scientist Award in 1958. Win Dolan, emeritus professor of mathematics, served as OAS president in the 1960s. More recently, physics professor Bill Mackie was president of the OAS when Linfield hosted the meeting in 1993.

In addition to Linfield, a number of other Oregon institutions were represented at the meeting including George Fox University, Oregon Health and Science University, the University of Portland, Willamette University, Portland State University, Lewis and Clark College, the University of Oregon, Oregon State University, Southern Oregon University, Whitman College, Portland Community College, Pacific University, Eastern Oregon University, Reed College, the Oregon Institute of Technology, the Oregon Graduate Institute and Western Oregon University.

The Oregon Academy of Science is affiliated with the American Academy for the Advancement of Science. Next year's annual meeting will be held in February at Portland State University.