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10/18/2002 Local alumni honored for contributions and service

McMINNVILLE – Three outstanding individuals will be honored for their outstanding contributions to Linfield College during an alumni awards luncheon on Saturday, Oct. 26, as part of the college’s homecoming celebration.

Tom McFadden, a 1980 graduate, and Gerry and Jackie (Schaake) Painter, classes of 1950 and 1954, all of McMinnville, will receive the Alumni Service Award for their contributions to the college. McFadden has continually been involved with the men’s and women’s basketball teams and the football program. He can usually be seen at basketball home games in his signature referee’s uniform calling the official media time-outs for the KLYC radio broadcasts. At home and on the road he also keeps a record of all the statistics and time-outs for the Wildcats and continually feeds coaches Larry Doty and Robyn Stewart the important backup information the team needs during the course of play.

"Super T (as he was once known to the basketball team) is a huge part of the bookkeeping for both the basketball and football programs," said Kelly Bird, sports information director. "He keeps everyone honest with his continual checking and rechecking of the stats. We couldn’t do it without him."

McFadden, who owns a local CPA practice in McMinnville, has been helping with the men’s basketball team since the late 1980s and began assisting with the women’s team in the mid-1990s. He has also volunteered his time every fall for the last 10 years as the

lead statistician at home football games.

"Tom has been invaluable to both basketball programs," Stewart said. "The games wouldn’t be the same without his continued support."

After moving to McMinnville from Vermont in the mid-1990s, the Painters began to volunteer their time at the college immediately.

For Gerry, retirement from his position as chief financial officer at Norwich University simply meant more time to become involved with programs in the community. He is a big supporter of the Partners-in-Progress community campaign and coordinates gatherings for the alumni of Tau Delta Sigma fraternity.

In October 2000 Gerry took on the challenge of coordinating the 50th reunion for the class of 1950. In addition to bringing the program together, Gerry created an entire history of his classmates and the events that took place when they attended Linfield. Painter is also a member of the Top Cat Club.

"Gerry’s class book was really a marquee event in terms of alumni contribution," said Lisa Garvey, director of alumni relations. "Few have come close to recreating what he was able to do."

Jackie is known for her contributions to Northup Library. Soon after returning to McMinnville, she approached the library to volunteer her time and the skills she acquired as a government documents and archivist librarian for 17 years at Norwich.

"It is unusual for people to volunteer their services to the library," said Mary Margaret Benson, special collections librarian. "When Jackie volunteered, she was given free reign as to what she wanted to do, and what she finally completed was invaluable to everyone."

Painter cross-referenced and indexed all of the Linfield College Bulletins from 1970 to 1997. She created not only a bound edition but also an electronic edition as a quick reference tool for students and other alumni. She also assisted Gerry in the completion of the class of 1950 reunion book.