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10/13/2009 Environmental journalist to discuss America’s energy policy

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MCMINNVILLE, Ore. — Linfield College will present “Squeezed and Confused: America at an Energy Crossroads” Tuesday, Oct. 20, at 7:30 p.m. in Ice Auditorium on the Linfield campus. The lecture is free and the public is invited.

Jeffrey Ball, noted environmental columnist for The Wall Street Journal, will speak about one of the great challenges of our time: transforming the way we consume fossil fuels.

“The world wastes vast amounts of energy,” said Ball. “There are ways to prevent that waste — many of them very basic — but implementing them at a scale large enough to matter would take thought, coordination and will.”

Ball will discuss how the current economic recession affects the push for energy efficiency and renewable energy. He will also highlight noteworthy efforts to curb the growth in fossil-fuel consumption, from Main Street to Wall Street to Capitol Hill.

Ball writes The Journal’s Power Shift column, a biweekly chronicle of the changing energy and environmental landscape. He brings to the column a decade of experience reporting about energy and the environment. He has covered the auto industry from the paper’s Detroit bureau and the oil industry from the Dallas bureau, and his reporting takes him around the country and the world.

Ball is a host of ECOnomics, The Journal’s annual conference on energy and the environment, and helped create Environmental Capital, the paper’s daily blog on the subject. He has appeared on numerous television and radio networks, including PBS, NPR, CNN and the BBC.

The lecture is sponsored by the President’s Office and the Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellows Program, which brings together people from diverse backgrounds in an effort to learn from each other. For more information call (503) 883-2202.