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10/6/2009 Linfield Gallery Exhibition Praised by Oregonian

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Linfield’s “Assembly, line, image, system” exhibition at the Linfield Gallery was praised in a recent Oregonian review.

Bean Gilsdorf’s ambitious installation, which depicts a procession of compact cars inked onto a crimson banner, curls around the perimeter of the space, climbs a high gallery wall and drapes resplendently into an adjacent hallway.

As impressive as the unfurling scale of the installation is, Gilsdorf’s inventive use of fabric, dye, bleach and thread are what sticks with the viewer. As one notices the detailed markings of the cars’ radial tires and the spot-on placement of their gas tanks and headlights, it becomes clear they weren’t simply painted onto the massive sheets. Rather, the actual vehicles were inked up and imprinted directly onto the fabric, like a thumbprint. Gilsdorf then dyed the sheets red and meticulously bleached out the dye around the automobile’s silhouettes, so their flat, inky impressions pop out in black and white against the folds of the raspberry-toned fabric.

Students have long learned to associate the Model T with the dawn of mass production. Playfully referring to Henry Ford’s revolutionary assembly line in the title of installation, Gilsdorf crafts a billowy monument to the pre-industrial processes of rubbing, dyeing and stitching in this imposing freeway of fiber.

“Assembly, line, image, system” can be viewed through Saturday, Oct. 10 at the Linfield Gallery on the Linfield College campus at 900 SE Baker Street in McMinnville. Hours are noon to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, and admission is free. For more information call (503) 883-2804 or visit

The next exhibit, “After Hours, the Artists of McMenamins,” opens Tuesday, Oct. 13.