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1/1/2009 Oregon Opportunity Grant Profile: Sten Morgan

press image Although Sten Morgan grew up in the shadow of a big university, it was Linfield College's reputation in sports and academics that lured him up the valley from Eugene.

“Basketball was definitely one of the things that drew me toward Linfield,” he said. “I’m not playing anymore, but it caught my eye – that and being one of best bachelor’s programs in the Northwest. The small-college feel was also something I liked.”

Sten has appreciated being on a first-name basis with faculty members, and mentioned Dean Dave Hansen and Professor Scott Chambers as particularly influential.

The Oregon Opportunity Grant made it possible for Sten’s mother, who was raising him and a younger sister, to send him to a private college, he said. He added that his two older sisters, who attended Oregon State University and the University of Oregon, are “kind of jealous.”

“I made good grades in high school, and I was kind of holding my breath to see what the financial package would be,” Sten said. That breath became a sigh of relief when he received the Opportunity Grant.

In addition to his college courses, Sten is working on an investment license. He is planning a career in corporate finance. As an intern at Northwestern Mutual in Portland, Sten is working on 100 percent commission and building his own clientele in insurance and different types of investments. He was named Northwestern Mutual’s top intern in the region and 40th nationally based on his sales.

Sten said Linfield has prepared him well for the challenges of the business world. The internship has given him an opportunity to work with a team of people from other colleges, he said, bolstering his confidence in his ability to convey his knowledge.