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1/1/2009 Oregon Opportunity Grant Profile: Andrew Falla

press image Andrew Falla’s interest in Linfield College began when he was in elementary school and never wavered. “I came to the campus on a lot of visits with my classes, and I always liked Linfield,” he said.

His parents, John and Bonnie (Hufstader) Falla , 1983 and 1979 graduates respectively, met as Linfield students. Unfortunately, they did not live to see their son enroll in their alma mater. By age 10, Falla had lost his mother to cancer and his father to a hunting accident. Aunts and uncles stepped in to raise him, but he is responsible for college expenses.

To help pay the bills, Falla has an eight-hour-a-week work-study job in Dillin dining hall. He also has loans and other financial aid, including an Oregon Opportunity Grant. The grant, he said, “definitely helps. It keeps me from drawing the maximum amount of loans.”

At Linfield, Falla said, he has found a caring community to help him succeed. “The teachers here are very helpful, very eager to help you,” he said. “They welcome you after class if you have questions. They really want to help you understand.”

Falla said business has always interested him, although he has not yet decided what specific area to focus on. “It just clicks in my head; it makes sense to me,” he said. He added that he thinks he might like one day to own a business.

In his free time, Falla participates in intramural bowling. His best score, he said, is 189. He also enjoys hanging out with friends and watching football.