- Linfield College
Pre-Kindergarten Lab
Potter Hall
The Pre-K program is located
in the basement of Potter Hall
on the Linfield campus.


Linfield Pre-Kindergarten believes that children thrive when they are allowed to learn with meaningful activities that are relevant to them. Children are wonderfully curious and imaginative.

Combined with teachers who receive their inspiration from the children, our environment is one that fosters kindness, intellectual growth, and the joy of discovery. Linfield Pre-Kindergarten strives to make a positive difference in the lives of our young students and their families, as well as the college students that are an integral and crucial part of our laboratory school.

The Linfield College Pre-Kindergarten is a non-profit laboratory school established in 1973 to train Early Childhood Education students and to provide a quality preschool program for children in the local communities. Over the years we have served children from Amity, Carlton, Yamhill, Dayton, Gaston, Lafayette, Sheridan, Willamina, and McMinnville.