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The Neighborhood

The Linfield College - Portland Campus is located in NW Portland off of 22nd Avenue, between Northrup and Overton Streets. NW Portland is a vibrant neighborhood with hundreds of homes, businesses, and community spaces. It is very pedestrian and biker friendly as well.

Neighborhood highlights:

  • Stores, Shops, and Restaurants: A number of grocery and home goods stores are within a short walk, drive, bike, or mass transit ride from campus. Large chain stores like Fred Meyer, Safeway, Trader Joe’s, and Whole Foods are nearby, along with smaller, locally owned, specialty stores. The campus is just off of trendy NW 23rd Avenue, with plenty of shops and restaurants literally around the corner.
  • Mass Transit: The Trimet mass transit system is very easily accessible from campus. The Streetcar line, which runs from NW Portland through downtown to SW Portland, as well as across the river to the inner Eastside, has a stop just across the street from Loveridge Hall. A number of bus lines also stop just near campus. The Max line, which runs from Hillsboro to Gresham, and to Clackamas and the Portland Airport, is a short walk or bus ride from campus. Students with a current, valid ID can also ride the Streetcar (but not the Max or buses) for free. For additional information about transportation resources around campus and in Portland, please check out our Transportation Guide.
  • Fitness: There are several national-chain and local gyms in the area. There are several national-chain and local gyms in the area. The College and has a special partnership with LA Fitness, whose closest facility is a quick eight block walk, run, or streetcar ride from campus. LA Fitness offers a $29.95 monthly membership and $0 initiation fee to Linfield students and their families (restrictions apply) for all LA Fitness facilities in our area.  Enroll here.  In addition, Student Life offers a limited number of reimbursements to current Portland Campus students enrolled with LA Fitness for half the cost of their monthly membership for each semester ($15 each month enrolled with LA Fitness, up to $60 for Fall/Spring and/or $45 for Summer).  The reimbursement will be applied to your Linfield student account.  Watch your Linfield email the last month of each semester for the process to request this additional reimbursement.  The email will only be sent to students registered for classes that semester.  The reimbursement process must be completed no later than two weeks following the end of finals, after that date no further reimbursements will be given.
  • Parks: Portland is known for its green space, and NW Portland has a number of park and commuity spaces. Forest Park, the largest city park in the US, is a short walk from campus. It offers dozens of open spaces, trails, and park programs to the public.

For all inquiries, please email pdx-housing@linfield.edu.