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Frequently Asked Questions

What are my options for phone, TV, and Internet service?

Rooms do not have landline phone access.

Newer HD-equipped televisions and Blu-ray DVD players are in each floor's communal kitchen/lounge area. They are also in larger communal lounge spaces on the main floor and basement of the building. Those TVs are available to residents at any time. There are no cable service outlets in individual rooms.

Secured wireless internet service is available throughout Loveridge Hall and is included in the cost of housing.

Where can I park? Does it cost anything?

Residents are able to park in the Loveridge Hall lot to the north of the building after business hours and on weekends only. (During business hours, the lot is reserved for faculty and staff parking.) Neighborhood street parking is also available, but most spots are metered or have a time limit. Loveridge Hall residents may purchase a City of Portland resident parking pass from the Housing Office. Contact the Housing Office for information about purchasing a permit. Because of parking limitations, use of mass transit and other alternative modes of transportation are highly encouraged.

For additional information about transportation resources around campus and in Portland, please check out our Transportation Guide.

Can I have overnight guests in my room?

Overnight guests are allowed with some restriction. First and foremost, before inviting in a guest, you should always talk it over with your roommate and/or suitemates. Since bathroom and living space is shared, be sure to come to an agreement about if and when overnight guests are allowed. Also, overnight guests are only allowed for a maximum of three consecutive nights, as outlined in the Loveridge Hall Handook.

What furniture is in my room? Can I bring my own?

Each room is furnished with a bed, desk, desk chair, and built in closet/dresser per person. It is acceptable to bring personal furniture to your room, but no furniture may be removed. Be sure to consult with your roommate before bringing any furniture to make sure it will fit.

Is extra storage space available?

No storage is available on campus, however there are a number of self-storage facilities within a mile or two of campus.

Will I have access to a kitchen?

Each floor has a communal kitchen open to all 12-18 floor residents 24 hours a day. It is equipped with a oven/range, microwave, sink, and two full-size fridge/freezers. Cabinet and counter space is limited, and students are encouraged to limit the amount of food, appliances, and dishes stored in the kitchen.

What stores are nearby?

There are a number of grocery and home goods stores within a short walk, drive, bike, or mass transit ride from campus. Large chain stores like Fred Meyer, Safeway, Trader Joe's, and Whole Foods are nearby, along with smaller, locally owned, specialty stores. The campus is also just off of NW 23rd Avenue, with plenty of shops and restaurants literally around the corner.

Is there a cafeteria with meal plan options?

There is no food service available on campus, however the Good Samaritan Hospital cafeteria is just across the street and offers plenty of food options all day. The Hospital does not offer students a meal plan, but does periodically sell discounted food cards for use in the cafeteria.

How safe is the campus? How about the neighborhood?

Linfield sets student safety as a top priority. We have a safe campus, but it takes an investment from every member of the community to maintain this safe environment. We take the utmost care in designing and managing our building access system, but we rely on members of the community to look out for each other by reporting suspicious persons and activities when they encounter them.

The neighborhood surrounding the campus is relatively safe. Most reported crimes are non-violent crimes. Students typically feel safe walking around the neighborhood at night, but we always encourage students to use the buddy system, and walk with a partner after dark.

For more information about safety, visit the College Public Safety website.

Is there mass transit near campus?

The Trimet mass transit system is very easily accessible from campus. The Streetcar line, which runs from NW Portland through downtown to SW Portland, as well as across the river to the inner Eastside, has a stop just across the street from Loveridge Hall. A number of bus lines also stop just near campus. The Max lightrail line, which runs from Hillsboro to Gresham, and to Clackamas and the Portland Airport, is a short walk or bus ride from campus. Students with a current, valid ID can also ride the Streetcar (but not the Max or buses) for free.

For additional information about transportation resources around campus and in Portland, please check out our Transportation Guide.

Is there a gym near campus?

There are several national-chain and local gyms in the area. The College and has a special partnership with LA Fitness, whose closest facility is a quick eight block walk, run, or streetcar ride from campus. LA Fitness offers a $29.95 monthly membership and $0 initiation fee to Linfield students and their families (restrictions apply) for all LA Fitness facilities in our area.  Enroll here.

In addition, Student Life offers a limited number of reimbursements to current Portland Campus students enrolled with LA Fitness for half the cost of their monthly membership for each semester ($15 each month enrolled with LA Fitness, up to $60 for Fall/Spring and/or $45 for Summer).  The reimbursement will be applied to your Linfield student account.  Watch your Linfield email the last month of each semester for the process to request this additional reimbursement.  The email will only be sent to students registered for classes that semester.  The reimbursement process must be completed no later than two weeks following the end of finals, after that date no further reimbursements will be given.

Are quiet study spaces available?

Whether you intend to live on campus or not, there are several study spaces available to students. Groups and individuals can study in the library, campus lounges, and empty classrooms and meeting rooms. During regular class and business hours, empty rooms can be hard to come by, but if you're willing to share space with your fellow students, there's usually plenty of room for everyone.

Will I have a roommate?

Depending on the housing demand each term, students may need to be housed in double rooms. Space permitting, single occupancy is typically available as well, at a slightly higher cost. Students always have the option of requesting a roommate, either specifically or generally.

Are there laundry facilities on campus?

Each residential floor of Loveridge Hall is equipped with one set of laundry machines. Laundry machine use is included in the cost of housing, and machines do not require payment at the time of use. Laundry rooms are also equipped with a utility sink, folding table, and ironing board.

Are pets allowed in housing?

The only animals allowed in housing are fully submerged fish. This policy is in place to protect all members of the community who may suffer from certain allergies, or who may be prone to illnesses transmitted by some animals. Please refer to the Loveridge Hall Handook for more information.

Who cleans my room, bathroom, and kitchen?

Custodial services are provided in common areas of housing (kitchens, hallways, bathrooms), however it is important that each member of the community take responsibility for the cleanliness and condition of every space on campus. Each resident's room is their own responsibility.

Are there any nearby hotels for visiting family and friends?

Northwest Portland has a variety of inns, hotels, and hostels that visiting friends and family can take advantage of. Please visit our Neighborhood page to review a few of the options available.

When can I move into my room?

Housing dates are posted online and updated each term. New and continuing students will always have different move-in dates, so be sure to read carefully. If ever in doubt, contact the Housing Office at pdx-housing@linfield.edu.

How will I receive mail and packages?

Each resident has a designated mailbox on the 1st floor of Loveridge Hall, adjacent to the Housing Office. Keys to those boxes are distributed at the beginning of each term, and residents can access them at all times. Packages will be received by the Housing Office during business hours and distributed to students. For more information visit the Mail Services page. All resident mail can be shipped to…

Name of Resident, Mailbox #
Linfield College
2215 NW Northrup St.
Portland, OR 97210

For all inquiries, please email pdx-housing@linfield.edu.