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School of Nursing Student Life

New Student Orientation

Welcome to Linfield College! You join a group of students, faculty and staff who are, like you, interested in nursing and other health care professions. We hope you will find our campus to be a place filled with many exciting challenges and wonderful learning opportunities.

To help you in your transition, we have planned a New Student Orientation program that will provide opportunities to:

  • Create relationships with faculty, staff, and fellow students to be engaged in a meaningful way.
  • Achieve an introductory understanding of the academic expectations and responsibilities of your major.
  • Distinguish campus programs, services, and resources that are available to assist in your academic, personal, and social success.
  • Identify avenues in which to demonstrate the value of personal engagement, cultural competence, and active citizenship through participation in student leadership roles, clubs and organizations, community service projects, campus diversity programs and civic engagement opportunities.
  • Manage the campus physical environment and take-home informational resources.

Students will receive additional information about on-campus New Student Orientations through their Linfield email account. Due to limited facility size, students are asked to not bring guests to the on-campus New Student Orientation.

New students will be automatically enrolled into the Peer Resource Network, a valuable mentoring program for new students as they transition to our campus!

Upcoming New Student Orientation Dates

Spring '18 Start

Required on-campus orientation: 9-4pm on Friday, February 2

Summer '18 Start

Required on-campus orientation: 9-4pm on Friday, June 1




For all New Student Orientation inquiries, please email or call (503) 413-7561.