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Mission: The Student Life Office of Linfield's School of Nursing enthusiastically aligns with the University mission of Connecting Learning, Life, and Community. We strive to do this through empowering students, giving students a voice through leadership opportunities, building strong student relationships, providing a caring and inclusive community with a climate of mutual respect for students of all backgrounds, advocating for students, and providing resources and services to all Linfield students.

Vision: To help Linfield nursing students be successful inside and outside the classroom, and for life beyond Linfield.


We welcome you to campus and look forward to serving you during your time at the Linfield University School of Nursing!

List of Covid19 Student Resource put together by PDX Student Life.


Student Involvement

  • Learn how to get involved on campus in a myriad of ways, including campus clubs and organizations and the Peer Resource Network (PRN).
  • Find leadership opportunities, including Student Government (ASLU-PC), Orientation Team, and many more!

Student Resources

  • Explore on- and off-campus resources like health services and student counseling.
  • Connect with University offices like the Linfield bookstore and Linfield Public Safety

Residence Life & Housing

  • Explore campus housing (Loveridge Hall) and the residential community.
  • Learn more about the neighborhood and the City of Portland.

Multicultural Programs

  • Explore inclusive, positive, and supportive campus initiatives.
  • Find veterans programming on campus and in the community.

Career Services

  • Explore career programs and events including mock interviews, resume reviews, and guest speakers.
  • Review free publications including a Sample Resume, Cover Letter Guide, and Successful Tips for Interviewing.

Care Report/Student Concerns

  • Submit a confidential Care Report if you are concerned about a student.  The Student Life Department will quickly address concerns of any kind: academic, adjustment issues, physical and mental health, social and interpersonal concerns, incivility, and more.

Student Life Staff

The PDX Student Life staff offices are in Loveridge Hall. They also work collaboratively with the Student Affairs Division on the McMinnville Campus.


Matt Hiller, Assistant Dean of Students/Director of Student Life
(503) 413-7561, mhiller@linfield.edu

Matt is a student advocate for all Portland Campus students.  Matt is here to support students in any way they need.  Stop by his office on the first floor of Loveridge Hall for help or just to chat.  He loves to hear about students' experiences and how he can help make them better.  If he cannot help you with your campus question he can direct you to who can!  





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Hilda Escalera-Gonzalez, Coordinator for Multicultural ProgramsHilda Escalera Gonzalez, Assistant Director of Multicultural Programs & Student Leadership
503) 413-7273, hescale@linfield.edu

Hilda is a student advocate for all Portland Campus students. Hilda’s main goal is to help cultivate an inclusive, positive, and supportive learning environment through the development of student support services, campus cultural programming, and community outreach and partnerships. Hilda helps support the Multicultural Center and coordinates the PRN (Peer Resource Network), supports military veteran students, and also supports student organizations that advocate for inclusion. Stop by her office on the third floor of Loveridge Hall or call 503-413-7273 for assistance with or an open dialogue with regard to these or any additional matters. Feel free to stop by, even if it’s to simply say hi or hola! If she cannot help you with your campus question she can direct you to who can!

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Photo of Mackenzie LarsonMackenzie Larson, Residence Life Director
(503) 413-7212, mlarson1@linfield.edu

Mackenzie is an advocate for all Portland Campus students. She works closely with Resident Advisors, and her primary role is to oversee Residence Life and Housing in Loveridge Hall. Mackenzie is committed to serving the Linfield community by connecting students with resources both on and off campus, as well as working together with different departments to ensure a supportive community of care. Mackenzie loves to talk with students to hear their stories. Stop by her office on the first floor of Loveridge Hall to say hi, ask questions, grab candy, or just to take a quick rest. If she cannot help you with your campus question, she can direct you to who can! 


Connect with Mackenzie for information on:


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