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School of Nursing Registration and Records


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1 Academic Petition for Exception to Policy Request a change to a college academic requirement or policy (such as a waiver to the Linfield Curriculum).
2 Add/Drop/Withdraw Registration Change Add or drop a course after the first day of classes. (Prior to the first day of classes, registration changes may be made to eligible courses through WebAdvisor.)
3 Address Change Notify college of an address change.
4 Advisor Change Request a new faculty advisor.
5 Progression Remediation Plan Request to repeat first unsuccessful course.
6 Request to Join Accelerated Cohort Request to join the accelerated cohort.
7 OCE (Online and Continuing Education) Registration Form Register for online courses with the OCE program. Registration for these courses cannot be completed through WebAdvisor.
8 Degree Verification Ordering Degree verifications for graduated students are ordered online through the National Student Clearinghouse portal.
9 Enrollment Verification Ordering Enrollment verifications for current and former students are ordered online through the National Student Clearinghouse portal.
10 HHPA 040 Community Service Complete the online petition. The registration office will then enroll you in this course.
11 HHPA 099 Independent Fitness Complete the online petition. The registration office will then enroll you in this course.
12 Request to Take 17 or 18 Credits Request to enroll for 17-18 credits in a semester for students with less than a 3.5 GPA. Additional fees will apply.
13 Request to Overload Request to enroll for 19 or more credits in a semester. Additional fees will apply.
14 Incomplete Grade Contract Establish remaining course work and due dates beyond the end of a semester.
15 Independent Study Request Petition the Curriculum Committee to enroll in a faculty supervised independent study course. Student must have a GPA of 2.75 or better to enroll.
16 Leave of Absence Form To be completed when a student will not be enrolled in Linfield classes for a semester or more. Students may take only two terms of leave of absence. Please visit the Enrollment Services Office for this form.
17 Minor Approval Request a minor be added to your academic program.
18 Name Change Notify college of a name change. Appropriate documentation is required for name changes. See form for details.
19 Nursing Course Section Switch Change sections of required nursing major courses with another student.
20 Readmission Application To request readmission to the nursing program.
21 Release of Educational Record Information Request for unofficial transcript, schedule, or other records documents. Students may also bring forms from another outside agency to the Enrollment Services Office for completion as well.
22 Consent for Release of Student Record or Clinical File Information Allows the college to release confidential information from your student record, such as grades or clinical evaluations, to a third party. Login to WebAdvisor and select the "Consent for Release of Information" link under the "FERPA Forms" subheading. Complete and submit the online form. Former students without WebAdvisor access may request a paper form from the Office of Enrollment Services.
23 Request to Inspect and Review Education Records Request to view your student or clinical file. Please visit the Enrollment Services Office for this form.
24 Transcript Request Links to the online official transcript ordering system.
25 Transfer of Credit Preapproval Request approval for transfer course work from another institution to fulfill elective or Linfield Curriculum (LC) credit before enrolling in the course.
26 Oregon Alliance of Independent Colleges and Universities Cross-Registration Form Register for a course at a participating Oregon Independent College or University. Please visit the Enrollment Services Office for this form and further instruction.
27 Withdrawal from Linfield College Notifies the college of complete withdrawal. Required of all students who withdraw from the college before graduation. Please contact the Enrollment Services Office for this form.