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Theoretical Model for Community-Based Nursing Education

The Linfield-Good Samaritan School of Nursing Theoretical Model for Community-Based Nursing Education provides a visual organizational structure for the curriculum.  The model reflects the dynamic relationship between global and local communities and the community of learning.  Central to this community of learning is a focus on learner centered education, which engages students in the practice of health promotion, illness prevention and treatment and reflects the value of social justice.  The curriculum is grounded in a liberal education that includes integrative learning, inclusive excellence, and experiential learning.  The curricular themes of communication, community, diversity, ethics, health, and stewardship provide a foundation for the program’s design and are developed throughout the program.  Professional education includes nursing knowledge (what the student needs to know), clinical skills (what the student needs to do) and socialization into nursing practice (the student’s “being” as a professional nurse).  The ways in which the student engages in a process of inquiry include evidence based practice, praxis, and reflective practice.

Theoretical Model for Community Based Nursing Education