- Linfield College
School of Nursing

Program Overview

The School of Nursing provides a quality education derived from a liberal arts foundation, learning theories, and evidence-based nursing practice, supplemented by content from other disciplines.  The School prepares graduates to act as providers of direct and indirect care, designers/coordinators/ managers of care and members of the nursing profession to meet the health needs of multidimensional individuals and families, groups, communities, and populations in a diverse and multicultural society.  Analytical, critical, and creative thinking, as well as intuitive processes are developed as a basis for independent and collaborative decision making in the application of clinical judgment. 

The curriculum is designed to expose the student to a variety of factors that contribute to the development of a professional worldview.  Among these factors are an awareness of the historical and legal context of nursing, diverse professional and cultural values, social issues, and ethical concepts.  Experiences are selected to motivate students toward understanding the needs of others, assuming the roles of client educator and advocate, making creative and constructive contributions to society, and lifelong learning.

Scholarly activity is promoted to prepare students for graduate study in nursing.  Graduates are expected to be accountable for their own practice of nursing and delegated nursing care, as well as provide leadership in implementing changes necessary to meet the health needs of a complex and evolving society.

The nursing program uses the following professional nursing standards and guidelines: