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Meet the Linfield Nursing Student

There is no typical nursing student.  Students range from young professionals with prior degrees and experienced registered nurses to 20-year-olds seeking bachelor's degrees.  Here are the three general categories of nursing students, all working toward a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.


Students migrate from the McMinnville Campus or transfer from another institution.
  • Average age: 25
  • 33% U.S. students of color
  • 17% male; 83% female
  • 53% begin enrollment at Linfield on the McMinnville Campus; 47% transfer from other institutions to the Portland Campus


Students with prior bachelor's degree, 15-month program.
  • Average age: 28
  • 22% U.S. students of color
  • 38% male; 62% female


Registered nurses pursuing a bachelor's degree
  • Online program for working nurses
  • Average age: 38
  • 17% U.S. students of color
  • 11% male; 89% female