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Studying Abroad Opportunities

Expanding your world view

showing a child a stethescopeAt Linfield University, you will be challenged to look beyond your hometown and country to understand world issues. Gain an appreciation in the differences that make all cultures individual and unique.

We encourage all of our students to study abroad at least once before they graduate. As part of a Linfield education, you have the opportunity to participate in exciting international study abroad programs as early as your sophomore year. One feature unique to Linfield is that the university will pay for your first round-trip airfare. 

If you complete your prerequisites for our nursing program on the McMinnville Campus before enrolling in the BSN program on our Portland Campus, there are many semester abroad opportunities.

Find out more about semesters abroad with Linfield.

January Term abroad

January Term is an optional four-week session with opportunities for studying abroad. Each year, Linfield offers at least two January Term off-campus courses that focus on health care practices around the world. These courses, usually team-taught, are led by faculty from the School of Nursing.

Recent health care courses include:

  • Economic and Healthcare Impacts of Brexit in England, Scotland and Ireland
  • Healthcare in China
  • Healthcare in Peru
  • Healthcare in New Zealand
  • Healthcare in Vietnam