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William Bestor - Associate Professor of Anthropology - Portland Campus Humanities and Social Sciences Chair

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Building and Office: Loveridge Hall 24 EF
Email: wbestor@linfield.edu


  • Ph.D. Anthropology, Harvard University
  • MA, Anthropology, Harvard University
  • BA, Anthropology Honors, Yale University
  • Graduate work Universite de Poitiers (France), Ludwigmaxmiliansuniversitaet (Munich), Universidad nacional autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) (Mexico City), University of Washington, Pittsburg University

Academic Interests:
ANTHROPOLOGY, especially cultural anthropology. Professional sub-specialities: medical anthropology, psychological anthropology, clinical anthropology.
LANGUAGES and linguistics, especially Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Russian and Mesoamerican.
RELIGION, especially world folk religions, sociology and anthropology of religion, Buddhism and Islam, mythology.
RESEARCH METHODS, especially community studies, cross-cultural health and psychological assessment, childhood ethnography, cross-cultural use of projective techniques.
ADULT EDUCATION, continuing education, non-traditional students, anthropological field schools, educational travel courses.
HEALTH SCIENCES, especially comparative health care systems, international public health.
CINEMA AND FILM, especially foreign film, visual anthropology, ethnographic film.
INTERDISCIPLINARY collaborative research, especially medical (Portugal) and public health (Mexico) and mental health of vulnerable populations (USA).

Director and principal investigator, THE ALDEIA PROJECT, a longitudinal community study in rural Portugal initiated in the 1960's and currently focussed on transformation in the almost 200 Portuguese families studied over decades from perspectives rooted in psychological anthropology, medical and clinical anthropology, and community ethnography of peasant societies.
The TEPOZTLAN PROJECT, initiated 1990 as a language and culture immersion site in village Mexico for student and faculty learning and research, an active anthropology field school site, collaborating with a local language school providing family home stays.
FOUNDING MEMBER: Mediterranean Studies Association; Society for Medical Anthropology, Society for Psychological Anthropology; Fellow, American Anthropological Association; Senior Visiting Scientist, National Science Foundation