- Linfield College
School of Nursing

Steps to Receive Your Financial Aid

    1. You must be admitted to the Linfield Good Samaritan School of Nursing in order to be eligible for financial aid at Linfield University.
    2. File your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), ensure you list Linfield's federal school code of 003198 to have your FAFSA® sent to Linfield.
    3. Review your Linfield email to see if our office has requested any documents from you to complete your financial aid file, including Verification documents.
    4. Review your Award Letter -
      • New students will receive a paper award letter in the mail.
      • Continuing students will receive an email notifying you that your financial aid is complete and ready to accept or reject on Self-Service
        • Instructions: Login to your Self-Service account, click on the "Accept or reject my financial aid awards" to accept or reject the financial aid offered to you.
        • You may print your own copy of your award letter, for your records, by logging into your Self-Service account. Under the Financial Aid tab click to view your “Financial Aid Award Letter.”
    5. Federal Direct Stafford Loans (subsidized/unsubsidized)
      • If you accept Federal Direct Stafford Loans the Office of Financial Aid will confirm that you are enrolled in at least 6 credits hours per semester, and have completed both of the following at https://studentaid.gov:
        • Entrance Counseling (Subsidized/Unsubsidized Federal Direct Stafford Loans).
        • Master Promissory Note (MPN) for Subsidized and Unsubsidized Federal Direct Stafford Loans.
    6. Outside Resources must be reported to the Office of Financial Aid (e.g. Scholarships, Tuition Reimbursement, Employer Assistance, do not include: Veterans Benefits or Vocational Rehabilitation). You may send an email to finaid@linfield.edu and report the name and amounts (e.g. Tuition Reimbursement $6,000). The checks can be mailed to the Office of Financial Aid for processing.
    7. Disbursements of Financial Aid
  • Financial aid will be disbursed electronically for eligible students at the beginning of each semester. Although, Federal Pell Grant funds will not be disbursed until after the census date of each semester.
  • Students can view their student account transactions on Self-Service under the Financial Profile tab, click on "Financial Statement."
  • Students attending on a full-time basis are required to be enrolled in at least 12 credits per semester to be eligible for Linfield scholarships, grants and federal student aid.
  • Dropping courses
    • Dropping below 6 credit hours may cause cancellation of your current loan disbursements, cancellation or reduction of your grants, cancellation of your in-school loan deferment status for previous loans and/or immediate repayment of previous loans, and may impact your Satisfactory Academic Progress.
    • Dropping all courses is considered withdrawing from Linfield, and the Office of Financial Aid is required to review the percentage of financial aid that you earned for your payment period, refer to the Return of Title IV Funds and Satisfactory Academic Progress Policies.
  • If your financial aid disbursements exceed your Linfield charges, you will receive a refund within 14 days, once your financial aid has been disbursed to your Student Account.
    • Direct Deposit (E-Check) is available for all Linfield student refunds. Sign up online through your Student Account Center.