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Experiential Learning Center

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The Experiential Learning Center, or ELC, is located in Peterson Hall on the Portland Campus. Twenty-two hospital beds set the stage for student nurses to learn, practice, and refine nursing skills in a friendly environment. ELC personnel include registered nurses who are available on a scheduled basis for assistance.


The center is equipped with fifteen low-fidelity and seven mid-fidelity life-sized adult manikins; three low-fidelity and one mid-fidelity pediatric manikins, and 12 low-fidelity infants for simulated patient care. Additionally, the high-fidelity simulation lab has four high-fidelity manikins, including a birthing manikin and a newborn manikin, for increased reality. IV training arms, catheterization models, and other training models are available for specific training goals.

To request equipment for check-out or to reserve labs, send an email to nurselc@linfield.edu.  You will receive an email back notifying you if the request is approved or if the item is already in use during the time you request.


Learning Environment

The ELC is considered a formal clinical site and the standards of care and dress are maintained accordingly. Students work in clinical groups with instructors in patient care simulation scenarios which integrate theory, technical skills, and critical thinking exercises. Open labs outside of regularly scheduled class time are offered for those who desire extra practice, and students may also arrange extra time with a member of the lab staff or student mentor for additional assistance.

High-Fidelity Simulation (HFS) provides opportunities for students to experience and practice life-like scenarios with fully computerized manikins, including a newborn infant, birthing mother, and male/female adults.

Computer access in each lab allows students and faculty to use DVDs and Internet links to enhance learning and refine assessment skills. Computers are set up for each bed in the labs to access the electronic health record system.

A wide assortment of supplies are provided to students for experiences outside of the lab environment, including home visits and teaching projects. Some examples include foot care, baby scales, community health assessment equipment, and developmental assessment tools.

Open Labs For Low-Mid Fidelity Labs

Open lab times are available on specific days and times. Contact the ELC to sign up.

Compliance Records and Clinical Requirements

Official documentation of background check, drug screen, health/immunization records, and specific training modules are required to participate in lab and clinical experiences. In addition, clinical sites have specific requirements for students and faculty assigned to those particular facilities. Contact the clinical facilities coordinator for assistance.

Complio Immunization & Certification Requirements, ACEMAPP and Clinical Site-Specific Requirements

Professional Volunteers in the ELC

Nurses in the community are welcome to volunteer in the lab to gain skills in clinical and lab instruction prior to applying for adjunct faculty positions. A criminal background check through the School of Nursing's standard process is required along with completion of the Volunteer Application and approval of the Dean of Nursing and the ELC Director.

For more information on labs or the ELC, contact us at nurseelc@linfield.edu