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Political Science

Goals for Majors and Minors

In successfully completing a major in political science, you will be able to:

  • employ a variety of theoretical and methodological tools
  • demonstrate understanding of central political problems in local, national, and global contexts
  • communicate clearly to a range of audiences, both in writing and verbally
  • apply your coursework to your own experience through January term courses abroad, internships, and/or a semester in Washington, D.C.
  • engage productively and responsively in civic debate and discourse

Requirements for Majors and Minors

The political science major is available as a bachelor of arts degree only

For a major you must complete 40 credits in the department, including:

  • 201- American Politics
  • 210- International Politics
  • 220- Great Political Thinkers
  • 230- Research Methodology
  • 487- Experiences in Politics: Internship
  • 489- Senior Project
  • 490- Senior Seminar
  • 498- Proseminar

For a minor you must complete 20 credits in the department, including 201, 210 or 220

International Relations Major

Refer to the International Relations website for further information and major requirements in International Relations.

Law, Rights and Justice Minor

Refer to the Law, Rights, and Justice website for further information and the requirements for the Law, Rights, and Justice minor.

For enrollment or other program questions, please e-mail