Politics Professor's book touted by The Daily Best

Featuring Linfield Professor Nick Buccola

'Professor Nicholas Buccola’s new book about the political thought of Frederick Douglass was referenced by Andrew Sullivan in his widely-read Daily Dish column.'
August 16, 2012 

Boston Globe, other newspapers, feature Olympics research from Linfield politics professor 

Featuring Professor Patrick Cottrell

'Newspapers across the country featured comments from Professor Patrick Cottrell about politics, money and protest at the Olympic Games.'
August 3, 2012

Political Science student selected as a Fulbright Summer Institute participant 

Featuring Linfield student Clara Martinez '14 

'Martinez has been selected as a Fulbright Summer Institute participant. She will spend six weeks in the U.K. at Cardiff University, Bangor University and Aberystwyth University studying the contemporary industry, politics and culture of Wales.'
August 1, 2012

Political Science faculty and students receive ASIANetwork Grant

Featuring Linfield Professor Patrick Cottrell and students Morgan Christiansen '13, Bridget Grant '13, Kole Kracaw '13, Leanne McCallum '13 and Will McHenry '13

Title: “Governing the Stateless: New Perspectives on the Plight of Burmese Refugees in Thailand."  
'This joint project explores the governance challenges posed by Burmese refugees in Thailand . . .'
June 25, 2012

Political Science student featured in Oregonian guest column

Linfield student Aaron Good '13 speaks out on church-state separation

'In an election season where jobs and the economy are consistently cited as the most important issues for voters, it is surprising to see issues of church-state separation making front page headlines. Nonetheless, the past few weeks have been colored by the debate between President Obama and Catholic leaders over the contraception coverage mandate.' 

The Oregonian 
March 3, 2012

Frederick Douglass' Enduring Lessons

Article by Nicholas Buccola, featured in The Baltimore Sun 

'Frederick Douglass once said that from his "slave experience" he was able to "elaborate quite a lengthy chapter of political philosophy, applicable to the American people." In addition to his slave experience, the Eastern Shore native elaborated quite a bit of political philosophy from his nearly 60-year career as an abolitionist, civil rights activist and statesman. Today, on the anniversary of his death in 1895, we would do well to ask . . .' 

The Baltimore Sun
February 20, 2012 

Just say no to bottled water, say Linfield College students

Article featuring Linfield students Collin Morris and Annika Yates

'Bottled water is bad.  That is the thrust of the campaign Linfield College students Collin Morris and Annika Yates have been waging in an attempt to stop the product from being sold on the Oregon school’s campus.'

The Oregonian
January 27, 2012